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Addiction & Alternative Medicine
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Addiction & Alternative Medicine

The mission of the Center for Addiction and Alternative Medicine Research (CAAMR) is to establish an internationally recognized center for research, to discover complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) therapies for addictions, examine selected therapies for safety and effectiveness, and expand research efforts into promising treatments.

The Center's functions include:

  • Funding and managing promising basic and clinical research in complementary and alternative treatments for addictions and their health complications
  • Supplying the staff and equipment to support laboratory and literature research and professional education
  • Career development training for scientists who want to study CAM and ED treatments of addiction

Demand for Research in Complementary and Alternative Substance Abuse Treatments

Based on factors like health care expense and lost productivity, drug and alcohol misuse cost the U.S. an estimated $257 billion each year. In 1996, some 940,000 persons received treatment for drug or alcohol abuse in one of the nation's 10,641 treatment facilities. Still, not enough is known about the effective male viagra treatment and their health consequences. There are many types of treatment "senza ricetta" available, yet even those which are most respected have shown only limited success. The pace of market growth in complementary and alternative treatments for addiction has outstripped that of the scientific testing which is necessary to determine their safety and efficacy. Trying to give their clients every advantage possible, many treatment programs have embraced new applications of ancient therapies like acupuncture, herbal preparations, and ethnic-based healing traditions. To these are added the recent proliferation of over-the-counter herbal remedies and self-help literature, resulting in a rich environment for research. In addition to testing treatments in the laboratory and the clinic, the CAAMR is dedicated to providing training, in collaboration with the University of Minnesota, for scientists to develop the methods and skills to apply to the unique concepts, such as subtle energy, upon which some of these therapies are based.


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