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Children's Issues

Forty percent of children under age five seen at Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC) are hungry or at risk for hunger. MMRF researchers study issues affecting the well-being of our youngest members of society in an effort to ensure their right to grow up healthy and strong.

MMRF's Children's Hunger and Growth Research Program conducts research and education in the areas of early childhood malnutrition, impaired growth, food insufficiency and obesity. They are currently involved in a number of studies including a multi-site study designed to measure the impact of welfare reform on hunger, growth, and general well-being of children under three years of age. In addition to collecting information for the study, research assistants for the Children's Sentinel Nutrition Assessment Program (C-SNAP) also provide information on intervention services for families identified as experiencing food insufficiency or whose children are malnourished. These families are being offered information on community resources and programs working to alleviate hunger.


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